11 1月 2022

Ye Haoyu was born in Chongqing, China, in 1997. He earned his BA degree from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in Chongqing in 2020. Now he is studying for his MA degree at Chelsea College of Arts in London, UK.

His work is based on skepticism about the world’s established value systems and ways of life, often presented through installation art and paintings.

My art expresses a democratic language. I don’t like to impose my will on others, so I choose to let my thinking and form return to the most basic state, which gives my work the greatest freedom, because the most basic state is impossible to remove. It allows us to find common ground, and that common ground is indelible. It transcends the cultural, political, social and gender identity issues that still divide our contemporary world. My artistic practice through melting ice cubes, displaced sound, reflections, stand-ins, shadows, etc., and the illusion of presence/absence/temporality, tries to convey a possibility to prove that it is feasible.